Tallivahdin year 2016 was great we made many new working & show records and had a lot of fun in RZV breeding tests!

Tallivahdin year 2016 was great – we made many new working & show records and had a lot of fun in RZV breeding tests!

Year 2016 was very active with different happenings for us all. In the beginning of the year one big dream of mine came true – all 10 Tallivahdin hovawart litters with 92 hovis made together it possible for me to apply Finnish Kennel Club breeder price Vuolasvirta. We got together 92 points needed before the application deadline closed at the end of February and we made that in 14 years since our first A litter. We earned together 66 points from show results that is from Champions, Cacibs and CACs and 26 points from working test results from Repe’s Finnish working Champion title and working results needed for Finnish Show Champion title. I had not told my Vuolasvirta aim to any of my puppy owners in order not to make them nervous for that so we earned our points naturally without pressure. I am VERY thankful to have such active and ambitious puppy owners! Repe and I were very proud to go to price giving ceremony of the Vuolasvirta in Helsinki Winner Show in the beginning of last December.  

We made my other 10 year dream also come true: Finnish Hovawart Club gave us the possibility to organize RZV breeding tests for our young litters. Tests of 23 hovis of 1-2 year old were unofficial but otherwise very real and gave us a lot of fun and excitement on the 31.7. – 1.8.2016! Thank you very much to the owners of Tallivahdin 6 H-puppies, 4 I-puppies, 5 J-puppies and 4 K-puppies and all owners of my Repe´s 4 Hoffen-Haus P-puppies! And SPECIAL thanks to our very co-operative & friendly German judge Kirsten Wesche and all other friends that were helping us to make this happening come true! At the moment I am analyzing the tests and the results and writing two articles about the breeding tests. This process as a whole has made my thinking of breeding even more strategical and I wish to continue using these tests in the future. Year 2016 was totally very successful for Tallivahdin kennel and we made many historical records as you can read next.

We had 9 working hovis with 17 test results!

9 Tallivahdin hovawarts took part in 29 working dog tests and made 17 results (58,6 %). 14/17 results were in the highest class and we got three new working hovis in the highest class of working tests Gauner, Genie and Gewinnerin. And they all made also their first 1./3 results in order to get the great title of Working Champion. Gauner made the history of our kennel by winning the Finnish Hovawart Club Championsship Games both in people searching in forest HK3 that has also IPO3 like obedience and with that good result he also became the working champion of FHC. Freiberufler made highest class JK3 result that is tracking in forest + IPO3 like obedience and won the bronze in South-West Finland District Championship Games that is open for all working dog breeds. BH-test was done by three 2 year old hovis Hasselhoff, Intensiv in Estonia and Irrlicht. Intensiv made also obedience tests KK1 and KK2 in Estonia and sister Irrlicht started her working dog career with good FH1 result.   Forscherin became the first officially tested rescue dog of Tallivahdin with VIRTA-test and is now ready for searh operations.

And historical show results

We got 6 new titles of Show Champions with 4 different hovis, that is our yearly record! 2 year old beautiful males of H and I litters shined in many shows and we got show champions of 3 new countries to Tallivahdin kennel! Ideenreich who was imported to Russian became first in beginning of the year Russian RU JUN CH and beginning of summer RU CH and was also BM2 “Vice World Winner” in Moscow World Dog Show. He also was several times BOB and won several CACIB´s. Hasselhoff became Norwegian Champion NO CH and won also his first CACIB and Finnish CAC. Intensiv who was imported to Estonia became Estonian Champion EE CH. My Freiberufler became also NO CH and as the Champion of three Nordic countries Finland, Sweden and Norway he became the first Nordic Champion NORD CH of Tallivahdin. Hauptmann made his breakthrough by being two times the best male and he won CACIB and 2 CAC´s. Our future breeding bitch Irrlicht and junior Kaiser won also their first CAC´s. Our year in shows ended also EXCellently in Helsinki Winner Shows in the beginning of December our youngest future breeding bitch Journalistin won her first title Helsinki Junior Winner 2016, HeJW-16. Our third young future breeding bitch the daughter of my Repe Hoffen-Haus Penrosa won her 3rd & last CAC in Helsinki Winner show. 

We will keep our tails up also in new year 2017

Tallivahdin hovawarts were active in otherwise too in year 2016 and you can read more about us in our websites and look at also many videos & photos in Facebook in Hovawart Kennel Tallivahdin site. This new year 2017 is hopefully a puppy rich year with L & M litters already in spring! Interest in our becoming litters have been also historically big and you can read more about our litter plans in our website and in working-dog.eu site.

Have fun with your best friends – dogs <3 And my blog stories will be continued soon….